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About Us

KKG Co., Ltd. was established in 9th February, 2016 as a concreate products manufacturing company. Although our company is very young, we were manufacturing concrete products with the name of Kha Taw Me 30 years ago in Bago. Besides, our MD, U Aung Min Thant had learned Advanced Concrete Technology for about 10 years in Japan. We also have Japanese advisor and group of local experts. Our team discuss and design new concrete products which is suitable for our environment and customers.

Currently, our company is manufacturing concrete electric poles (7M, 8M, 9M, 10M), concrete pipes, hollow cored poles, fencing system, concrete rings, U-drain, V-drain, concrete blocks, paving blocks and flower pots in Waw city, Bago District.

Mr. Hisao Inokuchi, Chief Executive Officer, 3L Co., Ltd. from Japan is an advisor of our company. He is an expert in concrete materials and their uses in construction.

With our experience and expertise in the construction industry, we are able to supply and support. the projects with the high quality products with the best service.

We are planning to produce more convenience high quality concrete products with the high technology in the near future.

Our Vision

Since the villages in Myanmar could not get enough electricity as well as data communication, we KKG would like to lighten our people hope by supplying the best quality products with best installation services. Besides, we are committed to assiting our customers in understanding and measuring their environmental impact as well as to protecting the environment.

Our Mission

To get smiles from our customers by providing best quality and services.

To enhance, discover, develop and provide innovative products that improve our environment and our society.