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About KKG Co., Ltd.


KKG Co., Ltd. was established in 9th February, 2016 as a concrete products manufacturing company. Although our company is very young, we were manufacturing concrete products with the name of Kha Taw Me 30 years ago in Bago. Currently, our company is manufactruing concrete electric poles (7M, 8M, 9M, 10M), concrete pipes, hollow cored poles, fencing system, concrete rings, U-drain, V-drain, concrete blocks, paving blocks and flower pots in Waw city, Bago District. Mr. Hisao Inokuchi, Chief Executive Officer, 3L Co., Ltd. from Japan is an advisor of our company. He is an expert in concrete materials and their uses in construction.


Concrete Hollow Cored Poles

  KKG Co., Ltd. is manufactruing concrete hollow cored poles (electric poles) (7M, 8M, 9M, 10M) at the factory located in 6 Mile, Strategy Road (Daik-U-Sittaung Road), Myitkyoe Village, Waw, Bago District.
  Location: 17.5877440, 96.7750050
  Our products are certified by Ministry of Electricity and Engery, Nay Pyi Daw, Myanmar.
  Since the villages in Myanmar could not get enough electricity as well as data communication, we KKG would like to lighten our people hope by supplying the best quality products with best installation services.
  We would like to support villages development, making them have electricity and related industry to be established.

Concrete Pipes

  KKG Co., Ltd. is manufactruing variety of sizes of concrete pipes based on project of the clients. We used only standardized sand, gravel, cement etc. with the supervision of expertised engineer.
  We also provide delivery services depending on the distance of the project location and the client request upon the contract.
  We are manufacturing enduring strong concrete pipes to have better transportation, to support development of agriculture especially to improve our environment.
  We support in building higher level standard factories to have the best drainage system.

Concrete Rings

  KKG Co., Ltd. is manufactruing variety of sizes of concrete rings based on project of the clients.
  Besides Concrete Hollow Cored Poles, Concrete Pipes and Concrete Rings, we are producing U-drain, Paver Blocks, Fencing Poles, Decorative Concrete Products.
  We always make sure clients' need and try hard to have their satisfaction. Our customer smile is our reward.
  We would like to support villages to have their own wells, to built up water stored tank, to have good environment and protect health by building spetic tank with cover.


  Ready-made U-drain with cover is very convenient as well as saving time for our busy days of life. We are manufacturing U-drain to help our environment with good drainage system. It is very easy to install and clean.
  Besides, it is easy to use for urban infrastructure projects and in building the higher level standard factories. It can be moved or rearrange or reset up anytime in renovation or re-establishment when needed. We safe and develop our environment by using Long-term reuseable and long lasting products “U-drain”.

Fencing Pole

  Fencing poles are easy to use and install as well as endure weather changes. Our products are strengthen by using high tension wire. You can make your own boundaries of Garden, plot, farmland, lake, etc. neatly by the strong and long-lasting fencing poles from our company.

Box Culvert

  Save time and energy by using precast box culvert. Transportation Infrastructure work can be done or changed in a short period of time. Necessary design and strenght of concrete can be determined ahead and therefore it is more convenient than bricks cladding work.